Link: Berlin, Berlin on Gregor Gysi, Gerhart Baum, Reinhard Joksch, Julia Oelkers, Stefanie Renner, Wibke Hecker

I’ve seen my fair share of documentaries on Berlin… I feel like I know all there is to know… but this one seems to be different… I’ve learned some new stuff.. So far anyway… You be the judge, link below. It’s included in Amazon Prime if you have it.,TopLeft,0,0_AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=berlin%2C+berlin

Link: WOW Air, known for $99 Europe fares, adds four new U.S. cities

Too bad Columbus didn’t make the list… at least nearby Cincinnati and Cleveland did. This brings VERY inexpensive flight options and the ability, without being too fiscally irresponsible, to take a long weekend in Europe.. I lOVE it..

Now in much the same way we often take long weekends in Florida, we can now do the same in parts of Europe.

I just added a few destinations to my bucket list. 😄😂

For more info see the link below…

Link: The sad death of the Berlin supermarkets B.Z. Berlin

If you were like me as a kid growing up during the cold war in Berlin… going to your local grocery store, Butterbeck it was then, was a real treat. I found this link…. It’s in German 🇩🇪 so you may need to translate it… If you use Chrome or have an Android phone it should do it for you automatically.

Read all about it @ the link below.

Another Wow Airlines Find Connecting via Reykjavik.

If you don’t mind being out of the country for Thanksgiving (I know I wouldn’t) then Iceland based WOW Air has a $480 special to Berlin over the holiday. Beware though, this is a no frills airline out of Iceland so there will most certainly be extra fees. This price will most likely only allow one personal item… carry on items and checked baggage are extra.