“Travel Tips: Customs + Immigration – What You Need to Know” on YouTube

When arriving in a foreign country for the first time going through customs and immigration can be a scary thought. I remember running into a show about Canadian 🇨🇦 Customs and immigration. It intimidated the crap out of me all the things that could go wrong. I’m not on any wanted list or anything.. and I certainly didn’t plan on bringing anything illegal into or out of the country; but just the idea that once you got there they could deny you entry was a little intimidating for me.

This is a good video (though not specific to 🇩🇪 Germany) that gives a few tips on what to expect. Here are a couple important facts to note if you don’t watch the video.

Make sure the country you are visiting doesn’t require a visa…

Be sure your passport doesn’t expire within six months of your arrival and departure. I actually learned this while randomly being at my local post office and a guy who was headed to India was asking about it. Had NO idea!

Also be sure you have the EXACT address of where you are staying… It’s not good enough just to have the hotel’s name or that you are staying with “” Airbnb”.